The common factor of all businesses is to make a profit, but as each business is different the complexity of the bookkeeping will vary. I strive to make my services as cost effective and as transparent as possible.

Having decided to engage the services of a bookkeeper the next consideration is

  • How much is it going to cost me?

To which the reply might often be

  • How long is a piece of string?

Charging an hourly rate for an indefinite number of hours, the piece of string could prove to be very long indeed.

I prefer to offer my services on a fixed fee basis. If the bookkeeping takes a little longer than anticipated, or if phone calls need to be made or extra questions asked these will all be part of the package. This will enable you to budget for your bookkeeping without the worry of any hidden costs.

I will tailor my package to suit your bookkeeping needs based upon approximately how many transactions are to be processed monthly.

For a Sole Trader, a very small business or a new business with few accounting requirements this can from as little as £20 per month to include Self Assessment.

For a growing business registered for VAT your bookkeeping will probably be more complex and I would anticipate a fee from £40 per month to include VAT returns and Self Assessment.

Your bookkeeping package will include:

  • Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
  • Trading Profit and Loss account to include end of year adjustments
  • Balance sheet
  • Adjusted Balance sheet
  • VAT accounts and VAT returns (if VAT registered)
  • Self Assessment
  • Final accounts

For a non-incorporated Partnership, I would anticipate a fee from £60 per month. Your bookkeeping package will most likely include:

  • Initial Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
  • Trading Profit and Loss account
  • VAT accounts and VAT returns
  • Appropriation accounts to include adjustments
  • Provision for the revaluation of assets
  • Preparation of relevant partnership accounts: capital accounts and current accounts
  • Balance sheet
  • Adjusted Balance sheet
  • Close down the revenue accounts at the year end
  • Self Assessment

I offer a discounted fee for local Not for Profit Organisations (clubs and societies). The bookkeeping will include:

  • Statement of Affairs
  • Income and Expenditure account
  • Subscriptions account
  • Balance sheet
  • Summary of accounts for presentation to the membership

If you do not wish to engage my full bookkeeping services I offer Self Assessment as a stand alone service for £60 per return.